Monday, May 11, 2009

To Dream Anything You Want to Dream

It's not why are my dreams so messed up when I go to sleep, but rather why is my reality so normal when I wake up?

It is the start of summer and the beginning to something new. Though finals and the end of the semester has been on my mind for a while now... I've also met someone who has an exceptional reaction with me. Everything just works... I compare it to a combustion engine, but that seems so far from the beauty this dynamic possesses.

Perhaps "Acrobatic Flow" is better... the term comes from a Prince of Persia demo. Here, watch this combo movie it does accurately depict the feeling:
(The music is epic, no?)

More on that later... Work starts soon. It is now the start of the summer and I get to continue my weekly posting!

Today is Mac 101 training (Support Essentials!). While I won't get certification for it... I will be taking a crash course in everything (I probably already know) about Mac OS X ver. 10.5 Support.

For $150 dollars more, I could be certified... but we shall see. :)

I'll end with a funny saying my friend told me yesterday: "Here lies an atheist, all dressed up with nowhere to go."

More later!

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Imola said...

homo homini lupus - any place inhabited by man is a place of wolves...from this perspective, at least..