Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Recurring Dream

Again and again this happens... the story is always slightly different, but the actors remain the same... the situation tends to be the same. I guess I'll write it down here, wait for it to happen again, then compare the two.

It's already fading but:

I saw her... she looked just as I remember her. Beautiful. She missed me, I missed her... we hold each other, kiss, make love... all this happens quickly. It was just informational and not the focus of the dream.

I see a man who is out to kill me and her... though he does not know what we look like. She and I are on the beach, hotels around us, trying to discuss how we are going to stop him. A professor of ours offers to have his students pretend to take our place... pretend to be us. We agree, planning to jump the bad person when he least expects it.

I remember, throughout this whole dream, we held hands... or were always touching for reassurance and protection...

I remember us staring at each other and the thought "Can we do this?" would float between us...

The dangerous man goes after the decoys and I bring a vase down on his head. Everything feels like I'm underwater though, and the vase connects as if it was just a tap. He looks at me and says I will not stop him from killing the boy and the girl. I bring the vase down again, and this time everything speeds up normally and the vase connects and shatters... only it was not a vase, it was a solid block of marble. It's over, she and I hold each other and feel like we can now continue on with our lives...

I wake up in a cold sweat. I stare around me, my alarm clock is about 2 minutes from going off. I keep saying "Why!? Why? Why?!"... I can almost feel tears forming in my eyes but as I reach up they seem to pull back in. I'm not sure what it means, but there is something going on... I feel an ache in my heart.

Before I went to bed, I was thinking about relationships, love, another woman I was slightly peeved at... but this? It has been YEARS... why does it come back?

In the past when this dream with Her takes place... it's rarely the same scenario, but always the same emotions. I'm not sure what brings it on yet... but perhaps tracking it this way will help me figure it out.

Edit: On a note... I'm going to start posting more pictures.

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