Sunday, February 1, 2009

So Again I Am

So, something huge happened last week, but I just can not talk about it here. Sometimes it is almost like gossip, or hanging out dirty laundry... and ultimately I just see this more as a... way to analyze my own thoughts more than actually communicate with people.

In all honesty, i'm not actually sure how many people read this... but that is why it is done for myself :)

No post last week, I kept waiting, hoping that something else would pop up and that I felt I COULD actually write about.

Well nothing came up.

Spent this weekend down in Denver with my second family and the girl I find unbelievably amazing.

But nothing on that front. Still standing on that cliff, tomorrow I'll make a push. I had a good time eating dinner, talking, playing card games, and just enjoying time spent around other people.

At the moment I am just catching up on homework, thinking about the weekend and this upcoming week.

Not much else to really talk about, I thought about the superbowl, but didn't find it pulling me that much.

Well that is life up to now, another update later this week when something momentous happens.

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Matt and Beth said...

we read the count is two