Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm at lincoln-head.
Right this second.

once you get out of town this seems to be the highest point before it dips back down to Laramie or Cheyenne.

It's foggy, and I can barely seen the outline of the monument between the fog and darkness. The lights around the monument create a halo around Lincoln's head.


Why am I here? In all honesty I was going to drive to cheyenne... But as I approached the summit I saw the signs and decided to come by here instead. I wanted to clear my head... I've just turned 23 and I spent most of today playing video games and letting it sink in. Nearly a quarter of a century... What will I do when I hit 25? What about the quarter after?

In truth, Rose prompted the drive, how and why are not important, but before I hit the summit I had the answer to the silly bickering that we keep pushing. It's like two kids pulling on a doll... And the doll will rip in the end... Which will Make us both sad.

Silly... I want to end it before the rip.

I've never been here before... I think i'll bring a girl up here sometime after a few dates.

The monument is becoming more visible as I write this... And i'm going to get a close look at it before I head back in. Got work in the morning and laundry to put away.

Oh, on the date, she got busy studying for a test and asked if we could reschedule. She thanked me for being understanding. We will go out for coffee or something later this week.

I'm in no rush. I've got years left here...

A quarter of a century... I'll probably be moving somewhere else when I turn 25... That seems like such a short time.


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