Sunday, January 4, 2009

That Icy Grip

I awoke this morning to silence.

Being sick and unable to get sleep lately.... I completely missed my morning.

My room mate had already left for work and I lay there staring at the ceiling wondering what my day was going to be like.

I felt that icy grip of loneliness grip me... I realised with sudden horror that I could wind up spending all my day doing nothing... alone.

That feeling begins to grip harder and I just....


I didn't want to be this person anymore. It was boring, exhausting, and annoying. I was tired of feeling this way. I spent so much time sick and feeling mentally and physically beaten down... so I shutdown and did some repairs and improvements... the final one came this morning with the understanding that I can and will change my situation in life.

So I'm going to change my world. Starting with my home.

I'll update this post with pictures and more info later today.


So I got a little done... I found changing things around proved to be emotionally harder than I thought... I walked out to collect myself... spent some great time with a good friend of mine and had cookies...

Then on my way home I ran into ANOTHER friend and we went out to have a beer and a few shots.


It got me all sorts of emotional and upset... I wound up having a long conversation with a La Scorchita about some things...

And the world began to make a little more sense.

Still cleaning up around here... moved clothes around and got a few piles of stuff together.

Tomorrow There will be more!

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stephanie said...

Damn, hon. Alcohol screws up all the good that cookies do, don't ya know. I can only make so many in a day...