Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Month At a Time

Man, I swear... I just seem to have put this off.

I'll say i'm just enjoying life so much that I just don't have time to post!

Well no... not really.

Actually I think this started when I got my new phone: Samsung i760

Very nice I think, though Verizon released the Curve... which would have been the Blackberry device I would have gone for.

Ah well, technology is ever-changing in the search for perfection... which... is odd because the only perfection is continuous change. (At least in this existence)

I also picked up a bluetooth headset, Stereo bluetooth, in order to listen to music on my walks home. It has been nice in this weather, and I will be sad to see this Summer come to a close.

Though to be honest I'm at this point where i'm just not sure what will be happening...

Querida and I have talked about our (potentially) last year here, and where we want to go next... but this last year will kick my butt if I need to take 17/18 credits to finish... i'm not very academically inclined so it will be rough going when all my time is taken up by school.

(Yeah, yeah, boo hoo, school is tough... but I just don't think I will be able to push myself to PASS all those courses... especially with that load.)

But I have applied for a job here, full time, as a Senior Computer Support Specialist. Very nice pay, very VERY close to what I want in a carreer. I want to give it a shot, but it would extend my school about 3 years.

Ups and downs about this. Alot of experience, but do I want to be here that long? What will happen with Querida and I? SO many questions... *sigh*

Well I still have to get past interviews... but if not i'll be taking out a HUGE loan to finish off this last year. Just so I can work less, and get to cracking on the books.

In the meantime i've been involved with many games and activities. My Wii, PC, and EXERCISING!

After the moving, and unpacking, life has settled in nicely. The house is in great condition, and our room mate and I have picked up exercising with another friend of ours. Doing about 1.8 miles every 2-3 days at the moment and it has done wonders. "Physically fit, Mentally awake, and Morally Straight."


I recommend exercise to anyone who is feeling low on energy!

Edit: Because I refuse to make more than 1 post in at least a month, i'm editing this one to put down an amazing quote.

I don't mind forking up 3 Fivers every month for a great game.. but some games even when great are repetitive. I could probably get a monthly handjob on the Harvard campus for less, and get more original "content" out of it. Developers really need to step up the Dynamic in "dynamic gameplay elements".

I present: Bloggity Blog Blog

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Pookie! It's time for your monthly post.