Monday, June 9, 2008

Life so far.

Man so long since the last post, I guess it gets harder to update these things when all you want to do when you get home is just play your games.

I guess we hit finals after my last post, then once school was over we jumped into summer work right away. Alot of new computers, lifting, moving things around, evacuating business...

Then the tornadoes. Pretty active.

Lately, i've been doing a summer course called: Principles of Management, good course, like the textbook and the way the instructor teaches. It was just a four week class that took place 3 hours M-Th.

BUT! I did pick up Age of Conan, and I admit I am impressed. Great looking game, really good combat system, and the instancing/zoning really isn't all that big of a deal.

I just find it to be... the Walmart of MMORPGs. You get everything without any real effort. Don't have to invest much time, the combat system is pretty button mashy (it was redesigned 9 times for the xbox 360), and nothing else is really all the deep.

Crafting is low-end, questing is nice, but most of it just revolves around the combat sytem, and there is really no reputation or "grind" system in place.

I hear the guild system is great, but I have not gotten up that high on my PvP-Guild character yet to see it first hand. Soon.

Moving in with my girlfriend has probably been the biggest thing happening lately. Having her move upstairs with me is nice, but she REALLY has a lot of stuff. Been about a week now, going on 2, and not everything is completely put away yet. Still I really like it. Having her around really makes me happy and I find everyday and night more pleasant. Her pets are nice too, and for her birthday I bought her a new 40 gallon Turtle Tank for the two turtles she has. They have platforms and ramps for the turtles to "sun-bathe" on.

She is calling me right now: "Pookie?" so i'll keep this next part short.

Had to go to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth out, and I remember them putting me in the chair, putting in the IV, and once the Surgeon and his assistant came in, they introduced themselves and began setting up. I remember thinking, man this is taking a while... Closed my eyes.

Before I opened them again, I had the thought: I wonder if they are ready to start yet? And realised my mouth was packed full of Gauze, and I felt REALLY drowsy.

Odd experience. But things are going well. Hair is long. ^____^

Ah well, going to ATTEMPT to make these slightly more frequent, perhaps some AoC screenshots... OR even better... MASS EFFECT. <- Excellent game. More later.


Matt and Elizabeth Martineau said...

*hearts* hey stranger, how have you been? What have you been up to?

Rose said...

I demand more bloggage.