Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I was worried

Pseudo-Scientific Psychopath Detector
Glibness/superficial charm = YES
Egocentric, exaggerated self-image = YES
Need for stimulation/bored easily = SOMEWHAT
Pathological lying = SOMEWHAT
Conning and manipulativeness = YES
Lack of remorse or guilt = YES
Shallow emotions = YES
Callousness and lack of empathy = SOMEWHAT
Parasitic lifestyle = SOMEWHAT
Poor behavioral controls = YES
Sexual promiscuity = SOMEWHAT
Childhood behavior problems = SOMEWHAT
Lack of realistic long-term goals = NO
Impulsivity = SOMEWHAT
Irresponsibility = SOMEWHAT
Failure to accept responsibility for actions = SOMEWHAT
Many short-term relationships = SOMEWHAT
Varied criminal behavior = SOMEWHAT
Posts 'first' messages = NO

Probable diagnosis = Moderately psychopathic

OK, so it isn't exactly a full fledged verification from a doctor...but for about a year now I've been concerned that I might be a psychopath.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not really concerned, but I will bring this up with a counselor I think. I've just been reading about all this... how many psychopaths are very successful in the world... and the general assumption is that psychopaths that turns to crime are considered to be “unsuccessful psychopaths” due to their failure to blend into society.

It has been interesting research to find out more about this...

I'm fully expecting to find that I probably only have criminal tendencies... but I'll need a professional opinion on that.

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