Sunday, March 2, 2008

Political Post

I have got to say, these videos I found are fairly intriguing. Politics always seem so useless to me, and it was alway my opinion that a leader could be a politician, but not all politicians were leaders.

So I stumble across these videos and find a message from an individual who would be our next president. The first question I ask is: Is he a leader?

I look at his messages and his goals and I ask: Is he a leader?
I look at those people that support him and I ask: Is he a leader?
I look at the critics and his opposition and I ask: Is he a leader?

Watching this video, I can see the word H.O.P.E. and it catches my attention. It isn't a promise of new economy and more money... or better health care. While those exist, the most important thing I want a leader to give is strength to his people. The ability and power to allow them to open doors and make changes the people want. I want someone to give inspiration and hope.

I see this message, and though it is real ("50 dollars an hour") it doesn't inspire us. It doesn't make the people feel better. Reality... it is there... but we are weighted down by reality every day, and I don't need a leader enforcing it. I'm a supporter of logical or pragmatic thinking... of using reason and sound judgment to make my decisions. I, an individual and member of society, promote this. I am the responsibility and sound judgment, but I want my leader to be the Hope and Power.

Maybe all those promises can not be completed...
Maybe the people are getting too enthusiastic...
Maybe this is all just going to disappoint me...

but I'm not going to let Maybe stop me from trying.

And last, I saw this and I had to enjoy it. Both my parents were in the military and I remember a time when I was debating on joining too. Humorous considering I'm comparable to those guy's with the IPhone. Respect and Thanks to those who understand they will one day lay their lives on the line for the people of this country.

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Rose said...

That cheesy Army man pop song is...retarded. Sorry. I love you anyways.
They don't let you wear ridiculous outfits like that in the army ladies.