Thursday, February 28, 2008

I forum too much...

So I saw a post: And the WoW killer will be …. at and couldn't resist replying.

I don't like these topics, but I too must admit I have given it thought and have
come to my own conclusions.

Let’s look at other markets and use them as a comparison to the MMO market. Also, please understand that my knowledge of all topics isn't perfect, and so most of my thoughts are based on theories that are based off "What I Know". As you correct me, or add in information, I add to my knowledge and adjust the theories accordingly.

Let’s analyze the book/novel industry. (In a short shotgun approach)

I'll take a look at the release of Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, and then subsequent releases by C.S. Lewis, Phillip Pullman, and perhaps an endless list of fantasy authors. Fantasy dominates the market.

Now let’s fast forward to revolutionary new genre of Sci-fi. 1984, Stranger in a Strange Land, and Canticle for Leibowitz.

Messy... I know. But in comparison I'd say the fantasy MMO Genre is now full, if not overly full, of fantasy based games. This doesn't mean EVERYONE is looking for something new, but it does suggest that everyone is willing to try something new.

With releases of FPS games, Planet Side, or perhaps MMORPG's like Tabula Rasa... we start to break into a new genre where combat with long range weapons and future sci-fi abilities are primary. With each game, you get new ideas on how to improve an existing system. These games might not be "Spectacular" at first, but as time progresses... they get better.

They get better like: Fantasy MUDs->Ultima Online->Everquest->DAoC->WoW->Take your Pick (Some might think I’m skipping alot of games, but this is just an example. Admittedly there are probably many more that helped further enhance and define the MMORPG Fantasy genre.)

So... let’s say people are READY for a different genre of MMORPG... I'd say the perfect place to go to is the Sci-fi genre. It worked in the past and I'm sure it will work again... it just takes that sequence of games to help define and mold another "WoW".

So...The next WoW killer/Successor? I say it will be a Sci-fi type of game. And if
Blizzard, the biggest player in the MMO market, is an intelligent money
making machine, I believe they will try something OTHER than fantasy. Why?
Because it is alot easier for players like me to justify keeping two different MMO accounts if they are two different Genres. Some days I like my sword and
board, others I like my laser rifle and space ship.

This doesn't mean some other company can't come along with a better Fantasy MMORPG, but I do think they will want to avoid being compared to WoW, and therefore try a different genre. And if Blizzard wants to be the best, I say they will need to design a new futuristic MMO that hits just as hard as WoW did, but not force their WoW player base to have to choose between Fantasy and... Fantasy.

WoW has probably fully tapped the Fantasy market and when more money is the name of the game... I think Sci-fi will be where most companies will look at.

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