Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Dat iz roight, meeb ab bin fortunate enough ter git inta da Warhamma Online Beta.

Lotsa testin', gamin', an input from mi end!


Ow this will affect mi skool, well i striv ter make sur it won't 'urt skool or wurk...

Mi relationship?

well... erk-snorggg... >.>

she might nub loike meeb disappearin' fer large intervals o' frey time >.>

^_____^ *'appy danz*

1 comment:

Rose said...


I'm amazed I read through all of that without dying from phonetics overload. It'd be nice iffn I got a little attention. You're pretty terrible at that these days. If I'd wanted to be ignored...well, we won't go into that....tonight at least.