Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nicolás Cristóbal Guillén Batista

This man.
This is the man I am trying to understand at the moment. Trying to understand his beliefs and his ideals, in an effort to interpret his work: "No sé por qué piensas tú"

He decried the opression of the common man, fought against imperialism, and promoted communism. He was kicked out of cuba (for his writings and voice I believe) and allowed back in after 1959 when Castro took over.

I just don't know much other than that. Did he love Castro's system of communism? Did things turn out how he envisioned them? In the poem, is he stating that the soldiers of that time hated the common man? Was he trying to talk to soldiers in the future?

I just don't understand, I can see my own interpretation, which might be all that matters... but I don't know much at the time up till 1959. The poem was released in the collection: Cantos para soldados y sones para turistas (Songs for Soldiers and Sones for Tourists) but I feel like I need to know what things were like in cuba during that time. What prompted him to write this?

Bleh, thoughts, words, and understandings.

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