Monday, April 14, 2008

Harder and Harder

Man keeping up with this has been tough, i've violated my once a week rule and barely manage to make it 2 weeks. Trying!

I blame it on Vanguard, and possibly .hack//Sign.

The game is simply great, so much to explore and a great community to explore it with. Though, earlier this week my girlfriend noticed I was getting a bit grumpy and after some talking and careful consideration we came to the conclusion that I felt lonely in my digital life. There was so much to do, and though I have 3 friends who join me online in doing it, I guess at times I would find myself alone and unable to share the experience with anyone.

Many people play games for the excitement and high adventure, but typically I find myself enjoying the world, willing to grind for rewards or achievements... and I guess I feel that out of the group I play with, i'm probably one of the only ones that does that.

I immerse myself in the world.

Well I had been thinking about this mainly because watching .hack//Sign you get to meet characters who participate in an online MMO called "The World". Each character plays the games for different reasons, and a character "BT" constantly points out that they play the game to fulfill things they could not accomplish in real life.

So this has made me thoughtful, I understand I really enjoy playing in these worlds, but I have begun to try and understand WHY?

I enjoy it, yes, but is that really all it is? I doubt it... some other things for consideration

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