Monday, January 28, 2008

Second Post

Alright, so I was just having too hard of a time doing all the coding for my last template, and decided to switch to a more organized form...

I want to display my own backgrounds (i'm probably going to have a rotating background every time someone visits the blog or daily/weekly)

BUT the background I had before was just too conflicting with my text/dates and so forth. Trying to put things in boxes just made me decide to switch to a different template (like this one) and see if I can get my backgrounds in a different way. (Though I did get to understand the coding blogger uses very well ^___^)

... i've been bad... should be doing homework >.>

Bleh, too green I think, but this will change once I get my homework done!

Must... Get... Homework... *choke*


Rose said...

If you want, I know how to make the tables transparent or opaque. I think the red clashes, don't you, hun?

Rose said...

Ah, that looks better.