Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oooh Boy

Man have things been a while. Lately i've been caught up in a game called Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The game is well done and there are actually Three Spheres of leveling in it.

Crafting, Diplomacy, and Adventuring. So far most of my friends seem to enjoy the Adventuring and Crafting... but all of the seem to shy away from Diplomacy!

Well I for one find it amusing, filled with tons of information about the storyline of the game, and just plain fun to do.

*sigh* ah well, different strokes for different folks. Anyways, the game has been great. Not only is it just plain fun, it is HUGE. Seriously. So far anywhere I can see, I can get to. Tops of mountains or out into the ocean. I've seen players sailing around the lakes and rivers on their boats, and from the looks of it they seem to hop between islands in them too. We are not talking about "hop in boat and computer takes you" type of thing, no, you actually get to control it.

Another thing I notice is the availability of mounts at level ten to help you cross the large tracks of land. Very helpful, and yet at the same time they are not too fast to make you feel like you zip everywhere. Much of my time has been spent running between cities and suddenly the sun will come up and I can look out across the ocean and see an amazing sight! Very pretty.

Also, there are rentable gryphons! And once more it isnt: "rent and computer controls you to next city"... NO! you actually rent them for 25 copper for 5 minutes and can fly to wherever you need to go. They go really fast, so it is plenty of time. It is also one of the bst ways to actually see how BIG everything is.

All in all I have to say it is very cool, and so far been alot of fun.

Well, i'll try to keep on posting more often if this game doesn't eat me! My Querida was in Vancouver this week during spring break, and I just wrote her an email detailing my adventures in the world of Telon. Maybe i'll post it here later.

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Rose said...

I still think the griffon needs more lion parts....
I'm glad you're happy with this game. Just remember school. *looks stern*